How to go vegan for Veganuary and beyond

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve gone vegan for January. Well done!

I’ve seen a lot of posts about new years resolutions lately and I was surprised that there were more people than ever willing to try to eat vegan for a whole month which is really cool! 

I don’t generally write about veganism despite often looking at it from an ethical point of view myself. This is because I believe that the best way to get someone to try veganism is to simply show them how easy and delicious it can be.

Many people around me including my family have significantly reduced their animal product consumption and have massively improved their health in this way, which makes me so happy! I myself turned to veganism not only for ethical reasons, but also to help with my PCOS. It did wonders for my health and mind so now I want to share the love.

I know that if you are making this lifestyle change all by yourself it can feel overwhelming, which is why I’ve complied a list of tips to help you get started in conjunction with my recipes and tips on Instagram!

Going vegan is all about going back to basics and nourishing your body. It can be fun, and a great way to reignite your creativity in the kitchen!

Do your research & find your ‘why’.

I believe that in order to to stick to any lifestyle you need to be 100% convinced that you’re doing the best for your body, the animals and the planet. Through educating myself on the meat and dairy industries and the benefits which a vegan lifestyle can bring to my body I went through a lot of internal conflict like many people do. I rapidly decided that I could not wait any longer and had to try veganism after being a vegetarian for many years. Once you’ve found your ‘why’, it’ll be easy to stick to your new lifestyle, I promise.

Choose veg!

Don’t get me wrong, I love vegan junk food as much as the next person. And when you’re new to this lifestyle you’ll definitely want to try every single vegan ice cream, chocolate and meat substitute on the market, I get it! However, if you really want to make this change stick and to make yourself experience all of the amazing health benefits, you’ll want to try using whole foods as much as possible. Like with many things, it’s all about balance! You’ll be amazed how many options are out there and how many of the foods you consume are already vegan. Also make sure that you are consuming enough calories and nutrients to stay healthy.

Find your staples.

By finding the foods that you enjoy, you will make meal planning much easier for yourself in the long run. And trust me, you will find foods that you love and want to stick to long term. Things like plant milks and cheeses are a great option and you won’t even feel like you’re giving up on anything with all of the new options that are on the market right now. Cashew milk is currently my favourite, along with Tesco’s free from smoked cheese! You can even try making your own vegan cheese.

For clothing and shoes, there are many brands out there that do amazing products at affordable prices. Checking for ingredients and materials might seem like a chore at first, but in time it will become second nature.

Always better together.

Consider making this change with a friend, family or partner. Research shows that you’re much more likely to follow through with diet changes if you have the support of a loved one. This is because seeing each other’s success motivates you both to keep going.  You can even try lots of new delicious food together. It doesn’t get much better than that! If you struggle to find a real life Veganuary parter, consider finding support online via forums, blogs or Instagram, or get in touch with me through the contact page on this blog 🙂

It’s a lifestlyle, not a diet.

If you want to stick to being vegan beyond Veganuary, you need to remember that this is in fact a lifestyle which will change a lot of areas of your life for the better! Notice how good you feel and how your relationship with food and the world around you changes.

Lastly, even if you only reduce your animal product consumption to begin with, it’s already amazing and you ARE making change happen! Keep going 🙂

For more recipes, tips and inspiration check out my instagram @Kikismeals

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